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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

hrmm...wordless on wenesday..

wordless or to much too say????
i don't know...
but this feeling make me
don't want to say that word..
life with the past make me feel hard to breath..
but leave the past make new path to the future are no easy for me..
i'm the one not easy to erased the past to make new path in my life..
the memory are valuable even it hurting me like killing me everytime its come to me..
let the past..
i try my best..beside..
i cant make new path to the future if this old things with me..
i hope i have the strength to do this..
may ALLAH bless me..


al_hakim said...

cinta.sudah nak ditafsir..

liya07 said...

cinta sukar ditafsir...
keihlasan sukar dicari..:)

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